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San Francisco Approves Health Warnings On Sugary Drinks Ads

San Francisco supervisors voted Tuesday to approve health warnings on ads for sugary sodas and some other drinks, saying such beverages contribute to obesity, diabetes and other health problems.

It’s believed that San Francisco would be the first place in the country to require such a warning on ads for soda if it receives final approval.

The ordinance defines sugar-sweetened beverages as drinks with more than 25 calories from sweeteners per 12 ounces. So advertising for such sodas as Coca-Cola Zero and other no-calorie drinks would not require a warning, but ads for regular Coca-Cola would.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Adtech and martech worlds collide

People not in the branding business don’t see much difference between advertising and marketing. As new-age advertising technology, or adtech, and marketing technology, or martech, logically merge, what’s the problem? For advertising agencies, which have been on the frontline of branding since the late 18th century, a lot is at stake.

Advertising agencies sit in the middle between corporate marketing departments and potential customers. They research markets, advise clients about target audiences and deliver awesome creatives. They are experts in an array of new-fangled adtech for digital and display advertising, including programmatic buying tools that segment audiences. They leverage adtech’s data management platform (DMP) to identify and collect target audience data on how their creatives are performing.  Read the rest of this entry »

No Comments Pairs Up With Heidi Klum

Leading web development platform (Nasdaq:WIX) today announced that its new advertising campaign, starring supermodel Heidi Klum and actor Rex Lee, will hit TV screens on Thursday, May 14th. A direct continuation of the company’s #ItsThatEasy Super Bowl campaign, where 5 NFL greats transitioned from football stars to small business owners with the support of their Wix websites, this new campaign will follow an energetic Heidi Klum seeking for the next business venture to add to her already busy life.  Read the rest of this entry »

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The Future of Advertising

As consumers, we love visions of the future in which breathtaking technologies and electronic wizardry are so common they blend in with the furniture. Think of “2001: A Space Odyssey” (with product placements that included Pan Am and the Bell System), or “The Jetsons,” where morning routines were simplified by robots who brushed our teeth and combed our hair.

Jokes aside, these visions weren’t that far off.

When I imagine the future, I envision a world where connected devices effortlessly unfold in front of us. When alarms go off in the morning, bedroom lights will slowly turn on to ease us into consciousness. Connected coffee pots could be synced to your smart bed, automatically grinding and brewing beans once you rise for the day. Bathrooms might even automate, with self-heating floors and showers that activate on cue.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Great advertising slogans stand the test of time

“Once upon a time” is how fairy tales begin. The phrase also can apply to stories about choosing a career.

Someone in a group of aspiring advertising and design students once asked me my intended career as a teen.

Architecture, I quickly replied. Of course, a student asked why I ended up in advertising.

I quipped that advertising mistakes don’t last as long as architectural mistakes. I conveniently didn’t mention my sorry encounter with architecture’s advanced math requirements.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Cereal makers put their faith in nostalgia

In early black-and-white cartoon ads, the Trix mascot was introduced as an aberration, a rabbit who longed to escape the carrot patch. Tossing carrots aside, he proclaimed his love instead for the fruity, sugar-coated cereal. But recently, the carrots have had their revenge.

Healthy eating trends have hobbled the cereal market, as alternative options for breakfast – including fruit, Greek yogurt and smoothies – have gained popularity. As a recent report from market research company Euromonitor noted: “Sugar has become public enemy number one in packaged foods and drinks.” Consumers attempting to eat healthier are cutting out foods they consider sources of hidden sugar intake.

Packaged foods companies are hoping to combat these trends with one powerful emotion:nostalgiaRead the rest of this entry »

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Goodby Promotes Kallman and More

Goodby Silverstein & Partners has tapped Eric Kallman andMargaret Johnson to lead its San Francisco creative department, as co-chairs Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein take a step back from day-to-day responsibilities. Johnson is an 18-year veteran of the agency who has created work for Häagen-Dazs, HP,Nike and Logitech. She became one of the agency’s five partners in 2012. Kallman, who moves up to executive creative director, joined Goodby in March 2014 after work at Barton F Graf 9000. He is known for his work on Skittles, Old Spice, Career Builder, Coca-Cola, Kayak, Little Caesars and Ragu. Paul Caiozzo, who joined Goodby’s New York office in May, will continue to lead the creative department there.

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Making Advertisements Splash in a Saturated World

Growing up Catholic meant having to go to church every Sunday. It didn’t mean having to pay close attention. One way I passed time was flipping through the weekly bulletin, which outlined the cultural goings-on in the parish that week. Seeing as this was the quaint suburbs of Chicago’s South Side, there wasn’t much to absorb, so I’d quickly flip to my favorite section: the advertisements in the back.

Among the 50 or so ads—each the same small rectangular block as the next—for local businesses, there was one that always stood out. It was for an insurance agency, and it was elegant in its simplicity. It had the agent’s face, name, phone number, and that was it. But there was one unique thing that set it apart from the rest: It was printed upside down.  Read the rest of this entry »

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15 million Apple Watches to be sold this year

The Apple Watch will sell 15 million units this year and control the majority of the world’s smart-watch market, according to a new report.  Read the rest of this entry »

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AdRoll Assembles All-star Team

In an effort to meet local demand for high-performance marketing solutions, AdRoll, the world’s largest retargeting platform, today announced the expansion of its global presence to Japan with the opening of its Tokyo office. This newly established local team will provide full-service account management to Japanese customers. In addition to the team on the ground in Tokyo, AdRoll’s self-service solution has been fully translated and localized for the Japanese market. This is the company’s sixth office, after opening regional offices in New York, Dublin, Sydney, and London.  Read the rest of this entry »

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