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New Owners for an Agency That Markets for a Cause

ONE of the first agencies devoted to handling communications efforts for causes, nonprofit organizations, charities, foundations and activists seeking social change — a specialty that is now thriving — is being sold by its founder and longtime leader, David Fenton, to investors who are forming a holding group for agencies of that kind.

The agency, named Fenton, is getting new leadership along with its new ownership; the changes are to be announced on Wednesday. Mr. Fenton, who was chief executive, is taking a different role, as chairman, and he plans to devote more time to working on efforts to counter global climate change. To succeed Mr. Fenton as chief executive, the agency is hiring Bill Werde, who was most recently editorial director of the music trade publication Billboard.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Ad agencies get serious about diversity

Two years ago, Courtney Buechert, CEO of Eleven, Inc., realized he had a problem. Sure, his San Francisco-based agency had great clients, including Apple  APPL , Facebook  FB  and NetApp, but among a staff of 150, there were no female creative directors and not a single woman in senior management.

The four partners? All men.

“We think of ourselves as enlightened, but despite all our good intentions and stated commitment to equality, we weren’t walking the talk,” says Buechert. “We had to rethink everything.”  Read the rest of this entry »

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Are People Finally Sick Of Black Friday Insanity?

Despite much crowing by retail watchers about how well the retail sector is expected to do this holiday season, Black Friday weekend proved to be a major disappointment, with overall spending down significantly over last year. Has the message about the idiocy of this consumer holiday finally reached the masses, or have people just wised up about the fact that the discounts start a week early now and only get better as Christmas gets closer?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Toshiba to Launch Global B-to-B Campaign Next Month

Toshiba Corp., a $63 billion Japanese company best known for laptops and consumer electronics products, next month will roll out a global integrated campaign to raise awareness of its b-to-b solutions, which account for 84% of total sales.

The campaign, called “Bring Life Forward,” was created by Gyro San Francisco and promotes Toshiba’s Smart Community business, which provides technology for electric buses, wind power, solar energy, water and environmental solutions.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Fitbit Starts First Global Campaign

Fitness-wearables company Fitbit is launching its first campaign as the fitness-wearables category gets more crowded.

Up until now the brand hadn’t advertised much, and it didn’t need to. It has an overwhelmingly large market share in the activity-trackers category, and it’s available in 40,000 locations in 48 different countries. Fitbit’s unit share of the Full Body Activity Trackers at the end of third quarter 2014 was 69%, according to NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service. The No. 2 brand, Jawbone, had 14%.  Read the rest of this entry »

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What happened to Apple’s once-great ads?

It may be time for Apple to “think different” about its advertising.

The company that won hearts and minds with an Orwellian “1984″ spot introducing the Macintosh computer and the enduring “Get a Mac” campaign has failed to impress with recent ads, according to advertising professionals who discussed the company’s approach. Though Apple’s gadgets have gotten sleeker and faster in recent years, the ads have lost their bite, they said.

Searching for its next hit, Apple has taken advertising into its own hands. Though it still works with its longtime agency, the tech giant has made a string of hires to expand its in-house creative team, betting that it cannot only churn out elegant and popular gadgets like the iPhone 6 but also craft ingenious ads for them.

But ad industry professionals say they are still waiting for the valley’s most celebrated advertiser to return to form. One Apple campaign this year featured the late actor Robin Williams reciting his speech from the film “Dead Poets Society” as artists of various stripes use the iPad Air. The ad hit on a classic Apple theme — that iDevices power creativity — but it felt too soft, several advertising executives said.   Read the rest of this entry »

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GoldieBlox Unveils First Girl Action Figure

The toy company that made headlines this year when an ad for its girl-focused line of books and construction toys landed in the Super Bowl is back and taking on the land of Barbies and dolls once again.

GoldieBlox on Wednesday released an online ad featuring a new action figure called “Goldie,”which many are comparing to Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial for its similarity to the menacing totalitarian assembly-line style.

The blonde-haired doll is shown at the end of the ad wearing overalls and wielding a hammer.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Despite Low World Series Ratings, Advertisers Still Believe in Baseball

With the World Series poised to be one of the least-watched in history, Fox could use all the help it can get. And tonight’s game just might be it.

As the showdown between Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants stretches into this last game, the network will get an opportunity to make up for any shortfalls in guarantees promised to advertisers.

And despite the ugly ratings, advertisers still believe in baseball.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Virgin America’s 6-Hour Preroll Ad Is Creepy, Warholian and Sort of Brilliant

People have a hard time sitting through five seconds of pre-roll on YouTube. How will they react to almost six hours of it—much of which is intentionally, preposterously, stultifyingly boring?

Virgin America is about to find out.

The airline today breaks a curious new online campaign from ad agency Eleven in San Francisco. And the centerpiece is a strange, Warholian Web film depicting—in real time—the experience on a typical rival carrier (here it’s called BLAH Airlines, and yes, it has a website) during a 5-hour-and-45-minute flight from Newark to San Francisco.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Holiday Retailers Missing Mark on Facebook

Marin SoftwareMRIN, +6.36% provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud, today released findings outlining the best days for retailers to reach holiday shoppers on Facebook. Marin’s analysis of Facebook advertising indicates ad engagement on the social network peaks two weeks before Thanksgiving, suggesting retailers would see better ad performance on Facebook if they changed the timing of some of their ad campaigns.  Read the rest of this entry »

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