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Raiders Accuse Nation’s Burgers of Unsavory Advertising Practices

The Oakland Raiders are taking Nation’s Giant Hamburgers to court, claiming the Northern California food chain has …. uhh raided the team’s famous trademark: Raider Nation.

Now the question is will the Raiders “Just win, baby?”

According to the suit filed last week in San Francisco, Nation’s has been running an advertisement on a billboard next to the Oakland stadium where the Raider’s play which reads: “When Hunger Hits, Raid A Nation’s.”

While some might call that clever advertising, the Raider’s call it “ambush advertising.” The team is accusing the restaurant of capitalizing on its fame and its fans without having to pay a penny for that benefit.

According to the complaint:

The “Raid a Nation’s” slogan is an obvious reference to the famous Raider Nation mark that identifies the Raiders and their loyal fans.The advertisement is easily visible to thousands of game day fans, as well as countless others who drive by the complex every day.

To add insult to injury, Nation’s also altered its own logo — the cartoon hamburger — by putting an eyepatch on it, similar to the one worn by the Raider’s logo character. “The unmistakable, overall message is that Nation ‘s and the Raiders have a marketing or sponsorship relationship of some kind when, in fact, the opposite is true,” the team says.

“Despite their best efforts to resolve this dispute amicably, plaintiffs now believe that Nation’s course of conduct is such that only the court’s intervention can protect the goodwill and intellectual property of the Raiders and the NFL,” the suit states.

The team is asking that the chain be enjoined from using the “Raid a Nation’s” slogan as well as seeking damages for the trademark infringement, false advertising, and unfair competition.

But this could be a really frustrating process for the Raider’s, which will quickly learn that the slow pace of the legal system plays against the team’s obsession with speed.


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