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InMobi launches InMobi Ad Tracker

A free, next-generation, UDID independent, conversion tracking platform for advertisers

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — InMobi, the largest independent mobile advertising network, today announced the launch of its new mobile conversion tracking platform. Providing real-time analytics, this platform will allow advertisers to measure multiple conversions on both mobile web and app campaigns, across all advertising networks and publishers. The InMobi Ad Tracker is separate from the InMobi ad network, not reliant on UDIDs, and is completely free to integrate and use. This combination provides the only independent, scalable and cost-effective solution for managing mobile campaign performance in a rapidly growing market. 

Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, VP of Products at InMobi, comments: “The industry has been aware for some time that UDID deprecation was on its way. With this in mind, it was critical for InMobi to create a solution with long-term benefits for both advertisers and publishers. InMobi Ad Tracker is a UDID free solution that is independent from the InMobi Ad Network and tracks conversions across all mobile ad networks and publishers. By integrating with the InMobi Ad Tracker, ad networks can get real time feedback on all conversions that they attribute, giving them accurate insights into their mobile campaign results and allowing them to optimize campaigns in real time. This will in turn drive more accountability for spend in mobile, benefiting the entire mobile ecosystem; from advertisers to publishers and app developers.”

InMobi Ad Tracker benefits include:

Network agnostic and works across all mobile ad networks

Tracks multiple conversion types across mobile web and app inventory

Combines multiple tracking technologies to ensure no dependencies on UDID

Single login to access conversion data across all mobile ad networks

Real time dashboard view of all conversion events

Ability to define customized goals, for example, downloads, registrations, payments etc.

Conversion data can be passed back to the originating mobile ad networks to enable real-time optimization

Easy SDK integration for iOS and Android Apps and JavaScript integration for mobile web campaigns

Completely free to integrate and use

Vattikuti concludes: “InMobi has been able to deliver a solution that addresses advertiser, app developer and publisher conversion tracking requirements. With analytics solutions, first mover advantage is not as important as building a highly scalable and accurate solution to solve customer problems, hence our timing for this launch. In its first release, InMobi Ad Tracker uses browser cookies to track conversions across apps and the mobile web as the primary conversion tracking technology. It also combines ODIN1 and market referrer tracking technologies for app download campaigns. By using multiple tracking technologies, it is able to produce the highest level of accuracy and scale that is possible through mobile devices. The Ad Tracker solution is cloud based, allowing it unparalleled scalability for inventory across the globe.”

For further information on InMobi Ad Tracker, please contact the team direct, visit

About InMobi

InMobi is the largest independent mobile advertising network. With offices on five continents InMobi provides advertisers, publishers and developers with a uniquely global solution for advertising. The network is growing and now delivers the unprecedented ability to reach 578 million consumers, in over 165 countries, through more than 93.4 Billion mobile ad impressions monthly. The recent acquisition of Sprout, a leading HTML5 authoring platform for mobile rich media, helps expand the InMobi offering to creative agencies and brands.

InMobi is venture-backed by investors including: SoftBank, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sherpalo Ventures. The company has offices in Bangalore, Johannesburg, London, Nairobi, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

To learn more, please visit , follow us Twitter @InMobi, or read our blog at .

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