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The Future of Advertising : New Media, New Clients, New Consumers in the Post-Television Age

by: Joe Cappo

260 pages

In The Future of Advertising, international ad industry thought leader Joe Cappo analyzes the factors reshaping today’s advertising industry. Advertising and marketing professionals will get thought-provoking and valuable guidance on how to position themselves, their work, and their clients to meet consumer needs in the coming years.


Tested Advertising Methods

by: John Caples

304 pages

Here are all the proven selling techniques to remove the guesswork from advertising, making it a science of sure results. From writing the headline to making the offer…from finding the right appeal to putting it into your copy…from selling layouts to conducting practical, affordable testing, Caples shows you, step by step, how to make all your advertising successful. You’ll learn why some ads work, and why others fail. You’ll discover how to write headlines that attract readers…choose graphics that help sell your product…and find the right appeal for your audience.


Truth, Lies and Advertising : The Art of Account Planning

by: Jon Steel

320 pages

Jay Chiat, founder of the prestigious Chiat/Day advertising agency (which created campaigns for the Energizer Bunny and Fruitopia) called it “The best new-business tool ever invented.” A newly defined discipline that combines aspects of four traditionally separate areas of advertising and marketing, account planning is one of the hottest topics in advertising today. This book by account planning pioneer Jon Steel provides advertising professionals and marketers with their first practical look at a tool that is reshaping the ad industry.


Advertising Age

Advertising Age is an international business newspaper covering the latest marketing, advertising, and media news. Includes agenda-setting editorial insights, exclusive analysis and data, broad scope of advertising and marketing news, industry rankings, data and proprietary metrics, and analysis.



A complete source of industry news and information local, national and global for advertising executives. Adweek publishes six regional editions that cover local, regional, national and international news and provide industry coverage to advertising agencies and marketers in the United States.


Up The Agency : The Funny Business Of Advertising

by: Peter Mayle

142 pages

Before his glorious retreat to Provence, delightfully chronicled in his best-sellers A Year in Provence and Toujours Provence, Peter Mayle made his career in advertising, beginning as a copywriter and finishing thirteen years later as a creative director (“I think I was also a vice president,” he writes “but I never had the cards printed”). Up the Agency is his caustic valentine to the culture of Madison Avenue, where the tribal customs and rituals are as wondrous to behold as the sights on any anthropological expedition. Treading fearlessly and wittily where no one without a customized BMW and matching Armani suit has gone before, Mayle dissects this odd and endlessly fascinating industry – where the speed of a new talent’s ascent can be matched only by his shocking fall months later. Whether describing the perfect ad man, the frenzy and desperation of putting together a new campaign, or the treachery of the fickle product-buying public, Mayle brings his insightful eye to bear on this very funny business, which brings both pleasure and pain to millions – and millions to a few.


Can’t Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel

by: Jean Kilbourner

368 pages

Many advertisements these days make us feel as if we have an intimate, even passionate relationship with a product. But as Jean Kilbourne points out in this fascinating and shocking exposé, the dreamlike promise of advertising always leaves us hungry for more. We can never be satisfied, because the products we love cannot love us back.


Creative Advertising: Ideas and Techniques from the World’s Best Campaigns

by: Mario Pricken

266 pages

What makes an advertisement memorable? Creative Advertising unravels the creative process behind some of the most original and effective campaigns of recent years. Mario Pricken showcases over two hundred examples of international advertising from a wide range of media including magazines, billboards, television, movies, and the Internet.


Advertising: Principles and Practice

by: William D. Wells

272 pages

The most exciting, practitioner-based introduction available to the field of advertising. Exceptionally real-world in focus–with examples, issues, and applications interlaced throughout–this best-selling introduction to both the theory and practice of advertising provides important insights into how advertising is done, who does it, and the critical questions that must be resolved. It provides a focus on what principles and practices make advertising effective–and the volume’s rich and extensive support package make the teaching/learning process not only exciting, but more effective as well. The volume examines advertising foundations, environment, background, planning, and strategy, advertising media, creating advertising and marketing communication elements. For those interested in effective advertising.


Designing Brand Identity

by: Alina Wheeler

272 pages

From an interactive website to a business card, a brand must be recognizable, differentiated and help build customer loyalty. This indispensable resource presents brand identity fundamentals and a comprehensive dynamic process that help brands succeed.


The One Show, Vol. 26: Advertising’s Best Print, Design, Radio & TV

576 pages

Great advertising and design can make the world stop and think. It can make people listen. And, sometimes it can even change a person’s life. THE ONE SHOW ANNUAL VOLUME 26 celebrates all of the qualities that go into making a successful ad campaign or design. Considered by many to be the benchmark in advertising annuals, this year’s edition features the very best work from around the world from the 2004 One Show and One Show Design.


Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads

by: Roy H. Williams


238 pages

Secret Formulas provides advice on ad writing and managing a business. It gives insight into what makes people act the way they do and inspires the reader with new ideas for ways to influence people. Moreover, it is a call to action for the reader to apply what was learned in the readings to his or her own life, as most of the essays conclude with an open-ended question directed to the reader to stimulate future action.


Confessions of an Advertising Man

by: David Ogilvy

224 pages

The long–awaited reissue of the million–copy best–seller that FORBES magazine called “A valuable primer on advertising for any businessman or investor.” With a new Foreword by Sir Alan Parker.


Careers in Advertising & Public Relations: The WetFeet Insider Guide (2005 Edition)

by: WetFeet

160 pages

For anyone interested in advertising or PR, this book explains how to select the right agency the forces and trends at work how new ad and PR campaigns are developed who the top-ranked agencies are what industry professionals like and dislike about their jobs typical pay, hours, and office culture and how to shine in your interviews.